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RT For end of November/early December completion, I'm taking two slots right now for my Caribou Specials including sketches, colored sketches, inks, and flat colors! DM me if you're interested!! <3 :3


I motion to promote @knightly to most thirsty fan on the fediverse. Are there any counter motions? :stomach:

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RT Vore, but your predator goes and does your day-to-day for you as payment for keeping their tummy full. Picking up your dry cleaning, some groceries, hanging out with your friends while your friends, as if it's normal, just talk to your pred's gut where you reside


RT Vast jade statue of a kobold influencer


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RT The Treetop Inn - Chapter 9 | SoFurry via

A new Treetop Inn chapter! Finally! At long last!

Tumblr Post with details and link:


RT i was spiritually ethically and contractually obliged to draw this


Oh hey! is this Friday! Get your roast meat and moon pies ready! This sounds much better than and could even overshadow ! Be nice to canines, hide small gifts, doggo cuddle pile :wolftaur:


RT Shout it loud! Trans Rights -ARE- Human Rights! Commission for of themselves marching! Taris also matched their commission price as a donation to @/TransEquality ! This one was a wonderful piece to do for so many reasons <3



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Attn: Mastodon

It is now real kiwi hours


Reminder that sex positivity means being positive about asexual people and people who choose to not have sex

This is Elizabeth Morgan, finishing her latest cross country meet representing Aberdeen Polytech!

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