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As a general guide as to what to expect from this account:

There will be a main course of adorable critters and characters that have fascinating abilities and/or personalities.

For dessert there will be world building around Thistleland which will contain all these ideas, stories and artworks.

The seasoning on everything will be and related such as , , , , and more.

There will also be an occasional dash of "JFC, WTF is that?!".

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I figure if I ever decided to go taur, my first stomach would probably be something akin to a crop. Convenient storage for traffic jams.

Does anyone here play Stellaris, and want to test a Space Springhare mod? The mod is designed to compliment a couple mods including the Apex Xenos vore mod~

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Take part in the first official survey of the vore community!


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The MCU, Politics again Show more

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What is your favorite meal of the day? β€” Breakfast or lunch, they're good for casually eating someone. Dinner always seems such a formal affair when you eat someone πŸ™„

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The is growing! In fact, we outgrew our server and have been upgraded to the next tier, which means we've got a new goal! We need $11 a month to completely cover costs We're OK financially, but any help is greatly appropriated!

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Vore adjacent Show more

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Took this last fall and just realized I finally have a place to post it

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dumb vore/kink joke Show more

I wonder if the word agastopia would apply to @Caudle

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That’s one small step for man

And one giant leap into my muzzle. Yummy!

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@SpotTea I mean

When you get right down to it, prey friends are emergency rations regardless of circumstances. |3

Beware my fellow british prey creatures: Ahead of Brexit your carnivore friends may carry you off as emergency rations~!

A small blue image of a mouse appears on your hand held holo-receiver. It looks at you through it's shrouding cloak as the image flickers slightly, before speaking.

"Execute order squeaky squeaks."

Yay, I'm almost caught up on RL work!
Boo, because of that I'm SUPER behind on writing short stories!

Guess it's time for the pendulum to swing the other way!

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when the crow do a hoppy...... boost if u agree

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