horny, vore, digestion 

I'm deer, I prance around through the forests all day, trying to stay one hoofstep ahead of the preds. The packs of wolves and the bears who all want a piece of me.

One day of course, I'll fail, as all prey animals do, and I'll spend a good long week digesting inside of my natural predator, feeding them. Despite my squirming and whining and attempts to escape their stomach ends up almost feeling like home, a place where I was meant to meet my fate.

Mmff x////x;


horny, vore, digestion 

Also honestly, if you ever plan on eating me, absolutely feel free to break off Joey's antlers before you devour him to make him easier to go down. Keep them as souvenirs, tooth picks, trophies, hhhhh

horny, vore, digestion 

(it's not like I'll need them when I go down your stomach forever <3)

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re: horny, vore, digestion 

Q ' ' ; \)


horny, vore, digestion 

@SpicyKangaroo Throw 'em on the pile. :3

horny, vore, digestion 

@Griff heheh of course that's also a possibility. You're a bear after all, you've probably eaten...ohh who knows, hundreds of deer at this point~ you're just gonna eat Joey and then casually prance about the forest, letting nature take its course on the poor struggling deer. :3

Just the food chain at work~

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