horny, vore 

A deer and a wolf who are boyfriends sitting down to go watch an animal documentary about wolves. Scene shows a pack of wolves taking down a deer.

The wolf is excitedly eyeing his deer friend and wagging his tail while the deer is beginning to sweat nervously.


horny, vore 

The wolf can't resist his urges, and suddenly grabs the deer's arms and pins them to his sides, enveloping his head, snapping his antlers off clean as the wolf is overcome with his natural hunting instincts, the deer protesting and kicking and trying to escape.

At the end he just urps and pats his gut. "Man, that just felt so THRILLING and natural to do. Don't you think so?"

Deer yells to be let out, wolf ignores it and picks his teeth with his antlers and begins digesting the deer.

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