Anal Vore, Digestion, story 

So I wrote up an incestuous anal vore story a little while back. Figured I'd link it here for those who might be interested. Eventually I'll want to get a comic of it made I think. ^..^

fatal vore, f/f, unwilling prey 

They told Fang to find the bandit and bring him back alive for questioning.

They also told her that, as payment, she could keep any loot she found.

They did not, however, specify exactly what counts as "loot."

A little comic thing with Fang, my character from the vorish D&D game I'm running! This is not based on actual events in the game...

... yet.

On that front, I'm off to have myself a nap now that work is done with.

Continued vore ruminations 

Especially if it'll take their gut a few days to slowly churn and digest a bunny. Swaying and rocking as they go about their life without a second thought. No one else aware of the smaller bunny hidden away inside their thick gut, merely more food, another naive prey thing they'd enticed down their gullet.

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Continued vore ruminations 

Or jostled awake with some MILF/DILF leaning down, slowly slurping and licking over a bunny's face. Guiding my paws up to press against their thick, chubby middle. Murmuring about how I should be good and get inside, let em carry me out of the room in their gut. How it's where smaller, younger guys like me should be. Curled up inside a hot MILF/DILF gut, with their belly taking very good care of a bunny.

Vore ruminations 

Just thinking how hot it'd be, getting jostled awake. Whether to find myself in some MILF/DILF's gut, whether relative, family friend or other, is up for debate.

General Vorny Thoughts 

Today's general mood has been around MILFs and DILF's, whether trim, twice or thrice my size or chubby. Experienced predators who aren't ashamed about using their wiles and seduction to get a bunny all flustered. Murmuring about how he's really better off in their gut, no worries or stresses. Just curl up and relax, let their gut take care of everything while they cart the latest horny, naive meal off, churning it down onto their waistline.

Mouse Vore, digestion, implied fatal 

Another new thing I got a while ago was a great comic series from James Howard. Five page comic in total about a mouse and some watermelon.

Unbirth/digest, age difference 

So I'm getting back into the swing of being on Mastodon again, get away from the stress and angst that's been filling my Twitter time-line more lately.

Few weeks ago, I wrote up a story around an idea that popped into my head. Thought I'd post it here for any that might be interested.

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