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This account is functionally my AD by the way; I'm still gonna try to CW anything smutty I post, as a courtesy to anyone browsing their timeline in public.

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More OC details 

My hellhound sona, Seolfyr, is aesthetically based on tarnishing silver. He's a white wolfish thing normally, but black streaks start appearing if demonic stuff happens.

I based the appearance of the black arm in the "tarnished" drawing on an image of badly corroded silver.

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OC Details 

My jakkai sona is like, something between a self insert and a power fantasy? He's a computer nerd and whatever, but also has a magitek slant where all his "programming" translates 1:1 to magic spells. Which is fun and occasionally villainous for me.

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Uh, I guess. I'm Seolfyr, you can call me Seo or Silver, or whatever. I'm a and enjoy and I'm also a semi-pro player, among other things.

Is this searchable enough? Should I use more hashtags?

Ref pic, butt..? 

This is a thing I've been working on, because I wanna be able to commission art with less anxiety I guess

Birdsite link, sfw character art that isn't mine but I'm gushing over it

Holy smokes I love everything about this design it's so good

Since that whole thing about Beat Saber, I've gotten good enough to do most base songs on Expert, most of my downloads, and a few Expert+ tracks. Makes me feel pretty good.

Furry sketch art but SFW 

Couldn't sleep, doodled zwz

So in the interest of cardio, I've decided to get good at beat saber

Astral Chain, police adjacent 

I accidentally woke up like 4 hours too early

Astral Chain is a great game but I kinda wish it didn't have the whole cop thing going on?

Like I get that it serves for a good excuse on "how to give the player character cutting edge technology superpowers" but then it's like

"Use supernatural powers to fucking apprehend a graffiti artist"

The Ark is a post apocalyptic police state where you're only the good guy because the infinite hell demons are worse :x

RoA modding, general nerd junk 

Need to dig into how to make characters do really crazy custom junk though...

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RoA modding, general nerd junk 

Seriously thinking of making a workshop character, as a fun personal project for a while. Been digging into the code for it and it's quite interesting, I like the way the logic flows; you pretty much attach a sprite sequence to an input, control the timing of the animation by splitting it into frame windows, and then assign hitboxes to the windows that need them.

Meandering shower thoughts on sexuality, asexuality 

For me personally, I'm not especially attracted to either sex, but I do still have a sex drive? The action itself is fun but nothing super gives me a "yeah I'd tap that" instinctual reaction, if that makes any sense.

But again, that could mean anything! I usually think of myself as "ace but with some sex drive," but could just as well be "bi with very little sex drive."

The point is labels are hard, I guess.

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Meandering shower thoughts on sexuality, asexuality 

Something I think about a lot is that, on a personal perception level, it's very hard to tell the difference between "asexual" and "pansexual with a low sex drive."

Like; if you're gay you know you're gay, you find the same sex more attractive than the opposite. But if you have a similar response to both then there's no particular frame of reference?

New profile pic, sprite art 

I edited a sprite from Rivals of Aether and made this!

Ph(-), CuriousCat link

I showed up to work sick and immediately regret everything, please distract me </3

Sketch, furry, sfw 

Doodled a rough concept design for my boyfriend because he's indecisive, so I'm just foisting this upon him and he'll have to live with it until he gets around to changing it =w=

Apple products, negative 

My favorite thing about my work Macbook is how the batteries slowly die even while it's docked

I really like "meowse" as a word for a cat-mouse hybrid

CuriousCat, vore 

Good morning Masto

Time for me to be vorny at work and beg for anonymous interaction

Commission idea, tf, lewd 

I wanna get art of me being mean to a bunch of friends TF'd into mice

Mh (+?) 

Mind you that's not necessarily a bad thing? It just... is. How it feels is a day to day thing. In a lot of ways it's freeing, not feeling tied down anywhere, feeling like I have the freedom to go anywhere.

Other times I just feel like my experiences are disjointed and foreign compared to what I'm "supposed" to experience.

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