God it's been a while. Hope everyone's been having a good day. Don't forget to tip your prey when they reform.They gotta make a living somehow. If they don't reform... Then I guess they won't be needing that wallet or bank account.

That feel when you wanna be utterly destroyed by someone and shown off to everyone

I need to use this more... xD Hope folks are having a good day today.

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Morning, gorgeous people.

You and you alone get to decide what your happiness looks like. Not your friends. Not family. Not random people you meet along the way.

You are not beholden to address people's expectations and assumptions about you. You are free to move at your own pace to what you feel is your best self.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa new ref! Drawn by the amazing themikefox on FA, gifted by a friend. <3<3<3

Preysluttery and disposal talk 

Vore and disposal stuff 

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re: mh (-) #Asexual things 

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re: mh (-) #Asexual things 

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mh (-) #Asexual things 

Idle vore and disposal stuff 

Thank god this week is over. I don't think I got eaten much at all this week cuz of all the work I had to do this week...

Vorish idle stuff 

Vore-related stuff and kinks 

First world vore problems 

Well, that's another weekend survived. God I wish we had a night shift. Closing sucks so much.

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casual vorechat 

That feel when you want to be devoured and destroyed by a predator's gut but at the same time you just want to progress on video games while you have time tonight...

I guess for myself. I'm Necrolance, call me necro or lance, don't care which x3 I'm a kitsune, been a for years and have been into for nearly as long. I'm an avid roleplayer and gamer, go nearly insane due to work on a daily basis, and enjoy long walks on a stomach acid beach.

Sooo the increased length for posts and the decentralization is nice, just kinda sucks starting back up on a new social media site and not having many on there. xD

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