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I'm Mirina!! I'm a cat online who lives in Canada with my beautiful wife, @Zest

I am more active on twitter, but I will still poke my head in here to say hi or post art. Speaking of which, I primarily draw kink stuff, however I will cw these posts. Otherwise I hope you enjoy my various ramblings, as well as my fursona. Look at she. I love cat.

very big slimey kobold art 

another great piece of art by @Mirina!

For you folks who like VR and are wanting full body tracking without the hella expensive price

SlimeVR's crowdfunding is now live!

One of the options is TRANSLUCENT PURPLE plastic enclosure!

Doesn't need lighthouses, connects via wifi, if you are a nerd you can build your own with esp8266/esp32 dev kits if you really want

vore, vrchat 

I did not ask for my model to have a vore maw, but they got one anyway. thank you revy

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vore, vrchat 

I had a friend jump inside my mouth and take some pics haha.. wow

I feel like I needed to share here


finally.. I can live out Mirina's original purpose and be a sonic OC

Took some pictures together with @Mirina now that she has her new VRChat avatar and I thought this sequence was particularly cute

vrchat, fat kink 

tries to squeeze into ur home and gets stuck

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Model by RevyTeaChai on twitter!! aaaaaa πŸ’œ

Wow I can't type but for the record I have been awake for less than an hour. I know I can redraft but whateverrrrrr

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I never posted her anymore but I have been camping and it has been really nice

New icon aaaaaa πŸ₯°

Got it from LunarLillum on twitter, they did a great job

Good morning masto, I hope this week treats you kindly

So I posted this on twitter but never shared here, anyways hi turns out I'm not cis, I'm non-binary.

A really good pal offline really delved into feelings I have just kept locked up in the back of my mind for a long time, and with further encouragement from my wonderful wife.. this is me. I'm they. I feel so much better getting this all sorted out πŸ’œ I think I still have more to learn about myself but I'm glad I made it here

I'm working *slams keyboard with big paws*

So I am at work, it is currently quiet, and I just wish to be a cat lazing in the sunshine. Meow meow.

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