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I'm Mirina!! I'm a cat online who lives in Canada with my beautiful wife, @Zest

I am more active on twitter, but I will still poke my head in here to say hi or post art. Speaking of which, I primarily draw kink stuff, however I will cw these posts. Otherwise I hope you enjoy my various ramblings, as well as my fursona. Look at she. I love cat.

New icon aaaaaa πŸ₯°

Got it from LunarLillum on twitter, they did a great job

Good morning masto, I hope this week treats you kindly

So I posted this on twitter but never shared here, anyways hi turns out I'm not cis, I'm non-binary.

A really good pal offline really delved into feelings I have just kept locked up in the back of my mind for a long time, and with further encouragement from my wonderful wife.. this is me. I'm they. I feel so much better getting this all sorted out πŸ’œ I think I still have more to learn about myself but I'm glad I made it here

I'm working *slams keyboard with big paws*

So I am at work, it is currently quiet, and I just wish to be a cat lazing in the sunshine. Meow meow.

sappy post 

I love Zest, it is super good and cute kobold

hmmmm perhaps I will use this space more one day.

Uh.. I'm cat. Meow meow.

alcohol, VRChat invitation 

VRChat drinking night get-together is tonight! Aiming for around 8:30pm Eastern Time.

ought to be a good time! :>

fat kink, art of me πŸ’œ 

@Mirina drew me in a cow pattern bikini πŸ’œ πŸ’œ i feel so beautiful

this dragon lady's real proud of herself :dragnuwu: πŸ’œ

-- dragon πŸ’œ

fat cat art 

I got this drawing from titsunekitsune on twitter and I can't stop thinking about it aaaaaaaa

another round gec 

also this much more recent one by @Mirina. soft


Dang Sierra it's only been a week since you got your new ref, how did you get so huge since then?!?!

🎨 @Mirina

It is real I love my wife hours today, I should have just booked today off work afterall πŸ˜”

PDA, extremely sappy posting 

well.. today is the day. It has been four years since Zest and I got married.. I can't believe it's been four years already. Zest is so wonderful, caring, and kind - I'm extremely grateful to have such an amazing and fantastic kobold to call my wife. I'm excited for what is in store for us in the years ahead - happy anniversary @Zest I love you so very much πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

At this point I am just trying to avoid doing work lol

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I do have a bunch of art to share here but I am also mega lazy and don't feel like uploading things oops

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