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I'm Mirina!! I'm a cat online who lives in Canada with my beautiful wife, @Zest

I am more active on twitter, but I will still poke my head in here to say hi or post art. Speaking of which, I primarily draw kink stuff, however I will cw these posts. Otherwise I hope you enjoy my various ramblings, as well as my fursona. Look at she. I love cat.

@Mirina: "how do you find the square footage of a room?"

me: "idk I think you multiply the length by the width or something?"

Mirina: [genuinely distraught] "MATH??"

VRChat Drinking Night Event PSA, important to read if you're attending! 

Hey! Tonight is the 3rd monthly VRChat drinking night! :koboldbeam:

Important Details:

-I have set up a dedicated instance with an invite link you can use to join!

Keep this link handy and you should be able to get in, regardless of if VRChat is having the usual technical difficulties or not!

To join, log in to VRChat, then open the webpage I linked and click on "invite me." you should then receive an invite in-game!

-Event starts at 8pm Eastern Time (in about 40 minutes)

-You don't have to be drinking alcohol to attend, but do be aware a lot of others will be!

-If you are drinking, as always just use common sense. Have some food in your tummy and plenty of water on standby. Also make sure your VR playspace is clear!

-Be aware the instance is Invite+ which means you either have to use the link above to join, or request an invite from somebody who's already in. (we have had some issues of unsolicited randos joining in the past and i would like to avoid that)

I think that's it! Looking forward to seeing you all!

MY WIFE SURPRISED ME WITH A COMMISSION OF DRAGON AND AAA this is like the most beautiful thing i have ever seen look at herrrrrrrrrrr omg i love this so much im vibrating

*looks at watch* ah yes it is 'i love my wife o'clock' once again, imagine that

(The watch face just says 'i love my wife o'clock' I just rly love my wife)

stream advertising 


2:30 eastern/11:30 pacific


chubby cat in vrchat 

just dropping a couple pics here that I like. exploring worlds is my fave thing to do

I haven't posted anything in a hot minute here so uhh immmmmm gay

Watching wresting with a group of people in a discord call is legit so much fun, adds so much to the experience 10/10 would recommend

ph complaining 

I slipped and fell on some ice yesterday. I am hurting lol

My back is doing better than I thought it would be since it really hurt yesterday, but the pain has instead migrated to my right side - so I'm just really uncomfortable at the moment. Ow.

hey lemme know if anyone else is interested in one of those streambuddy commissions. $50 for black&white, $100 for coloured.

Furnal Equinox is doing a virtual convention in VRChat this year! and it's free to register!

when you're confirming the news before making an "X is dead" post

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