Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

I'm Loth, I'm a behemoth with endless hunger.

I'm always looking to be satisfied.My role can be mostly pred but I have my moments where I want to be prey, whether it be me being micro other wild things.

If there's a hole, it's fair game~
I'm a big softie, affectionate... hmm... not really dominant but if that's your thing then okay :blobfox3c:

There are things I absolutely won't do in vore, ask for a list.


Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

Oh, due to my OCs canon, he can't digest prey in the stomach. A quick note.

Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

@Lotherme Heeeey, welcome to the cafe. :3

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