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Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

Oh, due to my OCs canon, he can't digest prey in the stomach. A quick note.

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Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

I'm Loth, I'm a behemoth with endless hunger.

I'm always looking to be satisfied.My role can be mostly pred but I have my moments where I want to be prey, whether it be me being micro other wild things.

If there's a hole, it's fair game~
I'm a big softie, affectionate... hmm... not really dominant but if that's your thing then okay :blobfox3c:

There are things I absolutely won't do in vore, ask for a list.

Fediverse Bear Census:


Behemoths are just amazing monsters, don't you want to be a part of them?

Feeding, Vore 

honestly want to feed one of my friends just so they can let their mind wander and then suddenly wonder "Where'd Loth go?"

He's in your waistline, hun~

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Loth has a belly because he keeps eating his friends.

Vore, feeding 

the eternal mood: Who am I going to feed food and become part of their waistline?


Pick a belly, all of them are comfortable.


If you have a friend who likes getting eaten and they're highly likely to consent to getting eaten all of the sudden, don't hesitate to do so :3


Entering Katja's server.

the "server" being Katja's belly.

Monsterpit having trouble posting roars so I guess I'm posting here for the moment.

Silly Vore 

I can do this cool thing, watch.

*Super Mario Bros. Pipe entering sound effect as he goes down @Bruzer 's maw*


The need to fill my balls with prey until I can't move anymore is rising...

as it turns out, Monsterpit is acting up once again.


Eat me so I don't have to worry about anything else tonight.

Vore, Vorny 

eat me so I can give you a good load of protein.

and probably make you fat.

Oh no, Bucky ain't interacting with me on this account.

I ain't havin' that.

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