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Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

Oh, due to my OCs canon, he can't digest prey in the stomach. A quick note.

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Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

I'm Loth, I'm a behemoth with endless hunger.

I'm always looking to be satisfied.My role can be mostly pred but I have my moments where I want to be prey, whether it be me being micro other wild things.

If there's a hole, it's fair game~
I'm a big softie, affectionate... hmm... not really dominant but if that's your thing then okay :blobfox3c:

There are things I absolutely won't do in vore, ask for a list.

sometimes I feel like having multiple stomachs. And, not gonna lie, I want so many stomachs, a real maze of them...

Oh damn, after that visual novel I'm in a mood!

Vore, subtoot 

It was belly time for corgis.

Corgis safe in belly, no worries. They wouldn't let me eat them otherwise if they didn't trust me so much!

A friend drew this for my birthday yesterday (?).

A growing beast like me has to eat, a lot, this is especially true on my birthdays. It's a party, outside and inside~

Berk is feeling particularly dominant lately, he beckons you closer to him. As you do so, he speaks in a commanding tone, "You will obey." He then pats and rubs his belly, "Or you can spend the rest of the day being turned into an extra layer of fat on my belly, your choice." He seems serious in his tone, but he's also been known to give a scare like this.

Are you a betting person?
1000 gil if you can last 10 minutes in my belly without passing out :3

The CDC now recommends letting your hungry friends stuff you into their belly... :gulp:

You know what's better than getting squished by my belly?

Getting squished, IN my belly.

See this belly? It's big.
The bellymaw? Well, I can say it can open real wide~

If you get ate by that, you'd probably be lost in there completely~

Art by Vitashifurro on twitter

A friend of mine compared Loth's bellymaw to a Trapinch (A Pokemon based on an antlion)

lord help any of yall, Arena Trap prevents escape, easy nommings.


I could stuff you in my bellymaw and no one would even know you're in there.

D/S subtoot (+) 

I love it when the dogs melt over praise from their master (me).


Partner/Friend too small to fuck? Easy solution, just shove them down your shaft, they'll be swimming in your cum once they reach your prostate/balls.

Vore, full tour 

Fun part about having a friend who'd eat you is definitely getting the full experience of their digestive system, but like, in a harmless manner.

Y'know, for "research" reasons.

Cock vore 

That moment you read a very nice cock vore story based on two very different-sized creatures looking for a way to love each other.

Cock vore 

hfff... I wish that for all my RP friends.

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Cock vore 

That moment you read a very nice cock vore story based on two very different-sized creatures looking for a way to love each other.

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