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Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

Oh, due to my OCs canon, he can't digest prey in the stomach. A quick note.

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Intro time! Vore inside. :18only: 

I'm Loth, I'm a behemoth with endless hunger.

I'm always looking to be satisfied.My role can be mostly pred but I have my moments where I want to be prey, whether it be me being micro other wild things.

If there's a hole, it's fair game~
I'm a big softie, affectionate... hmm... not really dominant but if that's your thing then okay :blobfox3c:

There are things I absolutely won't do in vore, ask for a list.

nsfw vore, sheath vore 

A heel's gotta eat, sometimes mid-match. In this match, it counts as a TKO.

Loth is being a little too greedy though, stuffing the referee down his sheath into his balls...

(note that my friend said this is not quite fully colored in and may stay that way)

error 502s on, looks like I'm waiting for now!

oh yeah, today is .

and I do like some friends. In more than one place too.

Steppy on smaller creatures to make them vanish into my pawbs and make my pawbs thicker

This behem can store many kobolds in his belly

Sure, I can store you in my gut.

Just be sure to feed me while you're in there.

Is it okay to eat kobolds? I'm not a dragon but I am pretty close to one.

It's a real shame that the most recent Loth has a belly maw and yet still no vore with it.

Best give them what you have, they still look hungry.

Loth and Behemoth Housamo make a good team. Just keep your food in a safe place!

Moomoone loves sketching Loth.

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