someone come cuddle me and tell me I'm a good girl. ;-;

@Hydro *Bear pads up next to you, takes a seat, looks at you hopefully* May I? :3

@Hydro *Bear leans into you, lifts a paw to place it on your opposite shoulder, and leans his nose in to stroke reverently at your cheek.* You. Are a very good girl. |3

@Griff *blushes* you're too kind, Griff! *gives the bear a quick kiss*

@Hydro Well thank you. I like to see girls happy. |3 *He answers your kiss with a very polite, and very rumbly, slurp on the cheek.*

@Griff so polite! *leans into your thick fur, purring* could just sleep right here!

@Hydro Yeah? :3 *He gets down to the ground, curling up on one side in a half-moon position, patting the spot by his tummy* I would very much like a little snuggle buddy. :3

@Griff yay! *she hops down next to the big, fluffy bear and snuggles up against his tummy, enjoying his warmth*

@Hydro *Bear tucks your head into the crook of his neck and folds his paws around your body, pulling you into thick, shaggy fur that you could just bury yourself in. It's as good as being wrapped in a fur blanket. And you can feel his rumble like a gentle simmer, just buzzing against you.* |3

@Griff so.. comfy and warm~ *she squirms a little to get comfy, getting used to your body heat and noises* living blankets are best blankets!

@Hydro *Bear snickers. One paw to hold you steady, the other to idly stroke through your own fur.* Glad you're comfy. :3

@Griff remind me to come snug on you in future!
(gotta get irl sleep though! thankyou! <3)

@Hydro (Sleep good. Picture a heavy bear at your back. |3 )

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