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I've been here a while, but for anyone who's coming over for the first time, I am Actually Chee, not bird.

I'm in Web Hosting as a career, but my true love is messing about in the dirt (gardening)

I play video games, write (sometimes), garden a bit, and I am a terrible vore gremlin (hence my choice of instance)

Vore/Size/Other Kink Content will be hidden behind Content Warnings, do not worry.

I am actually way more NSFW than my twitter presence lets on, so be warned :3

UK pol/royals, hilarious coincidence 

So.. Royal Funeral on Monday.

Ordered an album with non urgent delivery last week. It's been shipped.

How are these related, you ask?

However my gradual descent into Sys Admin shenanigans goes further, and I've now installed Fedora as my main OS at work.

Big sleepby. Haven't slept right in a few weeks! I'm hella tired!

Otherkin feels (~) 

It's not a bad feeling per-se, but god do I miss my Can'ir body. I've not dreamt it since the day of the dream I had those few months ago, but tonight the feeling is strong. I'm hoping when I can finally fall asleep (I'm having trouble doing so) I do settle into a dream again.

I'm lying here, and it feels like I'm missing things, my tail, my ears, my Digi legs..

Got bored and updated my self hosted site. Looks a tad more professional :D

(Don't worry there's no analytics or trackers or cookies or shit. It's just a place for me to put thoughts that isn't really appropriate (length wise) for social media)

Sizeplay, vore 

What I'd give to be a couple inches tall, living on a tabletop. Easily used as a prop for a game, handy micro for cleaning in awkward spots.. on or off a body, or even on a kitchen counter, teased about being a snack while my host cooks!

I feel rough when I unfollow people. I hope people realise it's not malice or the like. I just have to curate carefully as I only have limited energy :(

A day has been had, drove for 10h, walked around Brighton for a bit, refreshed my Jasmine incense stock.

Heading up to the hometown tomorrow to visit my partner for the day and stay overnight. Missed them a lot!

Sorry for general silence here, the last week or so has been ridiculously warm and brain is constantly short circuiting


Wanna be in someoneeee.

Post work (+) 

I'm now just relaxing in bed with a Sage & Myrrh candle burning to decompress, with some music playing

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Work (~/-) 

(when I say 2 guys actively undermining us, there's a guy leaving on Monday and he's frequently just ignored tickets leaving the customer to message us several days later asking for an update.

Another just half-assing everything and when he leaves for the day, there's just two hours where we're just trying to get things back on track. He's leaving in about a month)

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Work (~/-) 

God work has been an absolute DRAG this week. It wasn't too bad until Thursday, when suddenly it got real busy, and it's our half-staff day, for the other half to cover weekends, as thursdays/fridays are usually quieter

The increased busyness + 2 members of staff almost actively hampering us + 1 member of staff ill after the covid booster knocked 'em for 6 meant that the last 2 days have seen 3 of us slowly crack

But I feel more confident in the job at least!

Vore, sizeplay 

God, it's been a long day today. Been wanting to be waist high to someone all fuckin' day. Tugged around and told what to do, only to end up in their gut, making a nice tummy but not oversized

Speaking of pride, I got this from Stormiehills! (Non Binary Blanket, Progress Flag heart)

Hello hi

I wrote a blog post on identity, and pride and being Otherkin

Generally nothing but positivity in there :D

Vore mention 

I always like the idea of getting gulped and hanging about in a belly

Then I sit in a bit of a warm room, and it's very humid and I'm flopped and ugh.

It would be very unsexy but I still wanna go in a tum

Hello fediverse! You may remember me as the firey cat lookin' fella. I am now a species of my own creation that looks suspiciously like a wolf but there's differences I promise

Nice to meet ya, again!

Fun Can'ir lore!

Can'ir can choose their own name when they want. They have a ceremony for their new chosen name if they choose to pick one, family and friends celebrating their maturity alongside them!

Hydro'Celestis (my alias) essentially means "Stars' Blessed Water Bearer"

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