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Hi Public! You found me!
I have a more palatable mastodon account over on @hydro

This here instance is where I'm just plain awful. If you're not into Vore, TF, Micro/Macro, and all sorts of other weird kink, this isn't the place for you!

Changed my icon to be a little less horny.

Icon is by PineWarden over on birdsite!

Gender stuff (+) 

I think I'm actually, truly, finally settled. A friend helped a lot in making me aware Genderflux is a thing, and more specifically I'm boyflux.
Some days I'm 0% aka agender. Some days I'm 100. Etc.

Vore, size stuff 

Current mood: hiding in a tight space, getting sniffed out by a hungry pred as their snout pokes into my hiding spot, then their tongue gets me

Good evening I had a kinda nice day would anyone like a very happy snack? :3c

Vore thoughts 

Thinking about basically living in someone! Getting let out every so often but mostly being inside a chosen-by-pred location for a good amount of time!


Been playing some D&D, our group's DM is away on Holiday so our other experienced DM has taken over with a one shot, and I've rolled a silly kobold called Derek.

Derek has a gunblade (homebrew ftw!) and isn't afraid to get dirty. I love him more than my main character now

Personal life (++) 

4 months after graduating and 7 months after starting looking for work, I finally have a job! Not what I studied for but during the course of the degree I realised that career and work isn't everything.

I found a company that seems to treat its people better than the company that nearly killed me, and I'm hoping to get my life going again soon!


I am in The Mood ™️

But I also want to be in You

Commentary on social media (~) 

I feel like I have less to talk about these days now that I'm not being outwardly negative and posting just out of sheer anger.

A good thing? probably. Though in this age of always-connected, when I disappear off the various medias, it kinda feels like I've properly disconnected? like I'm not present.

I keep meaning to spend more time on Mastodon but busy busy and I've not got my paws on a desktop app that's lightweight and compact ;-;

Yeah, gonna try and hang out on the fediverse a bit more! I keep forgetting it's a bit of a lovelier place!

Brain is melting. Reading too much AI things. Hhbbtttt

Basically right now if you want a subby gal for pretty much anything, hit me up >.>

Few rare public posts there. I'm very much in The Mood™

Micro, Shrinking 

Tease me as you touch various parts of my face or shoulders, making me smaller, until I'm sitting in a puddle of my own - now far too big for me - clothes!

Horny, Micro, Vore 

Current mood: Stick your head under my skirt and eat away. However, the more excited and giddy I get, the smaller I go. Eventually I'm just perched on your tongue, grinding away, then before I realise it - gulp!

Got my first SFW "official" artwork of Hydro in her new gender! It feels comfy now.

🎨 -> (Link contains NSFW!)

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