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Hi Public! You found me!
I have a more palatable mastodon account over on @hydro

This here instance is where I'm just plain awful. If you're not into Vore, TF, Micro/Macro, and all sorts of other weird kink, this isn't the place for you!

I keep meaning to spend more time on Mastodon but busy busy and I've not got my paws on a desktop app that's lightweight and compact ;-;

Yeah, gonna try and hang out on the fediverse a bit more! I keep forgetting it's a bit of a lovelier place!

Brain is melting. Reading too much AI things. Hhbbtttt

Basically right now if you want a subby gal for pretty much anything, hit me up >.>

Few rare public posts there. I'm very much in The Mood™

Micro, Shrinking 

Tease me as you touch various parts of my face or shoulders, making me smaller, until I'm sitting in a puddle of my own - now far too big for me - clothes!

Horny, Micro, Vore 

Current mood: Stick your head under my skirt and eat away. However, the more excited and giddy I get, the smaller I go. Eventually I'm just perched on your tongue, grinding away, then before I realise it - gulp!

Got my first SFW "official" artwork of Hydro in her new gender! It feels comfy now.

🎨 -> (Link contains NSFW!)

Micro, nsfw, mouthplay 

Current mood is this. I love being a dumb willing tiny thing.

Morning~ think I ate something weird yesterday. Woke up early and my stomach ain't great.. those silly little willing super-micros!


Imagine, me: but inside you

Hello Gulp! I'm back from my self imposed exile while I got my head on right.

It's mostly back on, though it probably needs a few turns from a professional.

gender (+) 

I'll admit it's felt good this time around, playing hydro as a lady. it's almost feeling normal.

trying to make myself a little more andro irl, but my body is very... large. I'm like a rugby player who got out of shape.

current mood. micro, but teasing macros caught in see through pokeballs. only to get snatched up myself!

Update on everything for those that don't follow me outside of Gulp;

I've been referred to a Gender Identity Clinic, but wait times are looong.

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