Hey did you know I have my own website where I actively write absolute train of thoughts when I feel like it?

Today I wrote about my Wiccan beliefs.


Winter avatar now active! It snowed yesterday so

It's so cold in my room tonight for some reason. So I've just curled up entirely in my blankets. Like I'm in a tummy. My face and hands were getting so cold

Work (+) 

Nothing like putting the fear of God and Data Loss into AUP violators who deny their shitty shenanigans

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Work (+-) 

Today has been a wild ride. Just off the chain.

Got literally yelled at (or the closest approximation you can get online), and demanded to and I quote "DO IT NOW" for merely asking what the problem was, and not assuming.

And then I run into a guy with the sheer stones to ask us for website support when his site violates our AUP. He tried to deny it at first. And then I did chmod 0700 . on his root. :blobcatpeekknife:

First vinyl I've ever bought myself! I don't even have a record player. It's just very pretty. And came with an MP3 download of the Endwalker Theme/Footfalls..

Wicca, religion 

I've run out of Jasmin incense sticks, I've just got the cones left but I left them downstairs on my desk :(

I'm using my last stick alongside a lavender one though. Brain is all rattly so trying to chill out.

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Wicca, religion 

I really need to get to actually preparing some spells. Getting the herbs, writing the words. My method of casting is mostly chatting to the spirits though, rather than any formal kind of spellcasting. I make my offerings, I chat awhile, I ask the spirits for a boon.. it seems to be working so far.

Vore, horny 

Godamn tonight is one of those nights where I just kinda wanna get like, shrunk by someone, and gulped or inserted

Got a tax rebate finally arrive today.

Immediately bought a new monitor because one of mine is already on its way out. Also paid off some stuff. 600 whole british pounds.

EEE!! Shimmi over on the Birdsite finished my commission of my Dragonborn Druid! I love he!

I've grown very attached to this guy. ;;

Online life (~) 

I really don't get the logic of "it's free so I don't mind if they track me and use my data to market to me"

I don't like the feeling of being watched. Getting ads, search results, suggestions, it's all... Unnerving to me.

I know I can't fully escape it, but the less, the better.

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Online life (+) 

Slowly dragging myself out of all the major corporate ecosystems. Self hosting my email now with the company I work for. (Though I'm using outlook for now.. any recommendations for email clients?) Files storage with Tresorit, rather than the usual Google drive, etc

I'm just beyond trusting them any more. If it's free, there's a catch when it comes to for-profit corps. If a service has *only* paid options, I'm more likely to be comfortable that they're not doing shady stuff

Horny, vore 

I've been itching for a roleplay recently too, just want to get snatched up by a friend and shoved somewhere, or gulped. Or just kept like a little cage pet!

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Sleep schedule is off kilter! I'm on late shifts 4pm - midnight UK

It was pretty quiet tonight, got a lot of stuff done on acnh :3

Bonfire night (UK) (-) 

I was basically short circuiting all night tonight with a combination of a needy puppy and him freaking out at the noises, plus my own aversion to loud noises, plus internet problems mid FFXIV raid, nowhere to comfortably sit..

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Bonfire night (UK) (-) 

I like the idea of bonfire night, the whole celebration of catching a traitor. But like. It's midnight, my dudes. Your backyard firework show is not appreciated.

Also I wish the general public would wise up to the actual traitors in our parliament right now.

Honestly, Mythical Kitchen is one of my favourite YouTube channels. It's like... Cooking, but chaos

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"Get your bowl. It's like a plate, but deep"

- Josh Scherer, actual Chef

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