By 'Orion_ChocoPie' Over on FA. Just enjoying a tea and relaxing after a busy Krampusnacht

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Hestianyx by Goethial
Found an artist randomly on Twitter and got this piece from them }:>~

Time to get to work checking over that Naughty List ready for the 5th

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Well what di ya know there was a Sergal Car in the 70s called the Vanguard CitiCar - I mean look at this cheese wedge

It's October 1st and Even though my nights not until the 5th December it *IS* the month of Halloween and well Toothy Drooly Demon Monsters are allowed so I'm gonna enjoy myself before I gotta work :>~

I really need to get more art of my Krampus & Charr any suggestions for folks taking commissions atm I can check out?

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My character Belinda offers you a big motherly hug.
This piece was made possible by supporters on Patreon.

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Redneck gryphon. He lost his finger in a workplace accident.

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Femme Nudity and Lewds 

I so wish I could make my Charr chonky in game like he is in his art <3

Totally just bought a really awful movie on Blu-Ray just so I could watch certain characters bellies jigging about in HD

Ever wonder what Krampus gets up to the rest of the year?

It's really not all that exciting really...

Art by 3igh7 (FA)

Hmm I totally need to get a story done of my little Raccoon guy and a Sangheili Pred

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