@skelly I have to check a lot of bar codes, and I tend to read them in my head to the tune of whatever song is on the PA at the moment. |3

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if you are ever swallowed whole
by a beastie
be sure to be wearing armour
made of sweetcorn
so you are not digested

@miserablepileofsecrets Sauron's statement doesn't have any exclamation points. He's very calm when he says this.Very matter-of-fact.

after watching all of westworld s3 

@skelly I feel like any "if [x condition isn't fulfilled] then obviously everyone's just gonna riot and kill each other" assertion is making some major leaps.

Mh, socialization (-) 

I hate to think that my friends miss me. I'm not around enough, and I don't want to think that's hurting them. u.u

Food (-) 

I thought there was chicken in the freezer, but there wasn't, no chicken for me. u.u

@TomYote Have you played 3? Also an excellent one.

@TomYote Like, Warioland 2, right? They did a whole thing where you can't die, the whole challenge comes from exploring the levels, solving puzzles, using the weird transformation abilities...

Vore, Nudity 

A like like, but it swallows you and spits you out without any clothes.

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Now, what is it /labeled/ on your keyboard? Which may be totally different!

(I say "primarily" because like, our Mac keyboard has "return" full-size and then a tiny "enter" above it.)

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"Do you like women?"

"I do like women!"

"You 'like like' women?"

"Oh, I 'like like' women."

"Would you swallow them and steal their shield?"

-- Jane Aerith Magnet and Laura Kate Dale, Queer and Pleasant Strangers, "Load Harder Things"

Online life organisation (+) 

@hydro Congratulations. |3 I... need to do that.

Steven Universe, spoilery 

@yeenbean That is kind of an awesome way to spin off a TV show.


Ever think about how wet it is in my stomach?

Ha ha, it's gross. |3

@owashii I'm glad Freakazoid lives on in meme form. |3

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🎶I know a boy whose name is Zack
He disappeared and won't come back
He mentioned the name Candlejack
And now h

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