@thatwingsy Oh crap, I JUST sat down with a scrambled egg burrito when I read this.

I just imagined a cutscene of a weary, beaten-down adventurer just slowly eating a cookie like it meant NOTHING to them, just dead-eyed, not even paying attention to what they were doing, neither rushing through it nor savoring it, like it's just an uninteresting chore that they have to get through, and that's your reward for a brutal dungeon that probably took you 90 hours to finally master, and I just can't stop laughing about it.

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IMPORTANT: Cookies cannot be obtained in any other way.

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Video game idea:

The reward for the brutally difficult optional dungeon is a cookie voucher.

You take it to an in-game shop and you get a nice cutscene of your character eating a cookie.

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animal crossing PSA 

AVore, Dumb, Cursed 

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this is proabably my favorite cookbook, and its totally free.

its called “Good and Cheap”, and all of the recipes in it are designed so that they can be made on food budgets of 4 dollars per person per day

if you’re trying to save money and want some new recipes, i can’t recommend it enough. (even if you’re good on cash, the recipes are really good! and its free!!)


@Taris The more I think about this, the more I want it. |3

Today, Masquerade Balls are more commonly referred to as Furry Conventions.

Butt stuff 

Fill in the blank: 

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Ok but how many of you preds have actually gone out and gotten a tattoo like this 😏👅⬆️

@AdalwinAmillion I very rarely see them, mostly just hear them yapping in the distance at night.

@Buckythesheep My secret is, just cook one big meal once a week -- on a day off if you can manage it -- and then just have bits of that all week.

A raccoon lured me to a deserted island, gave me a tent, and told me to build a town for him with my bare hands and I was like


@NinTheFolf Ever since they introduced the option to bank your bells before your house was paid off, I've been banking ALL of them, then paying off my loan in a lump sum when I have enough.

Why not collect that monthly interest while you're saving?

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WHOA, they added uninterrupted jogging to Ring Fit Adventure!

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