Box of BEAR FOOD right here. >:9


Eyyyy, experimented with making a proper bento box, how about that. |3

Inspired by this bit:

'Cause @wolfpede was talking about them. |3


Carmen Sandiego was spotted on the east shore stealing another priceless landmark.


Hey guys, just got back from the dealer's den.


Got a kaiju protecting my shores.

Covid shitpost 

COVID-19: *wrecks shit*


Hey, , today I'm sharing my piecepack. It's a general-purpose public domain board game system with over two hundred games made for it. Mine's a custom job I designed with input from the community, and I think it's very pretty. Check out if you'd like to learn more.

Vore, Ad 

When you're the only pred in the chat.

Vampire Lore:

In European folklore, vampires were said to have a compulsion to count things. One way to defend one's self against a vampire would be to throw a handful of grain on the ground, because the vampire would stop in their tracks to count every grain before continuing pursuit.

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