Vore, Ad 

Vampire Lore:

In European folklore, vampires were said to have a compulsion to count things. One way to defend one's self against a vampire would be to throw a handful of grain on the ground, because the vampire would stop in their tracks to count every grain before continuing pursuit.

Plushie, vore adjacent 

Plushie, vore adjacent 

It's like if your emotional support animal wanted to eat you.

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All right, I think that's enough experimenting, here's my proper hello.

Hello, I am Griff, and this is my mouth. n.n (art by Ifus at FA). I'll be using this account primarily for my after-dark thoughts, maybe some light roleplay, probably boosting some vore art that I like?

This should be fun. :3

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Welcome to Cafe Gulp! We are an adult oriented website themed around vore and endosomaphila. This can take many forms but are often very sexualized and adult in nature. While we may be literal people eaters, we welcome all who can respect boundaries and each other. We will absolutely ban you for hate speech, trolling, or other disruptive mischief. 🔞 If you are under 18 or not interested in such content, leave now.