Hell yeah, Piczle Puzzle & Watch is out on Switch. n.n

'S got Picross.

'S got Lights Out.

'S got Puzzle Loop.

All in a Game & Watch format.

I really love when these games made in retro style focus on the physical aspects.

In this one, you get a little unboxing animation when you select a game for the first time. You get 3-D models of the handhelds, the boxes, the instruction manuals.

Wish you could rebox and then unbox the games again because I'm that kind of person. |3

I've only played Puzzle Loop so far, one of my favorite logic games that doesn't seem to be quite as popular as your Sudoku or Picross. It's a good version of the game, controls very well, really like the fact that the current time is displayed on the screen at all times, nice to have that visible when you're playing a quick puzzle just to fill time.

'S good.


Oh my god, if you touch the screen, it does that thing that LCD displays do, where all of the liquid crystal segments turn black, I love it. n.n <3

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