Fediverse Bear Census:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fediverse 2020 Bear Census.

The results of this census will be used to give people something to look at and say, "Huh, neat."

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@Griff what do I do if I'm sometimes a bear but not always

@avie *considers*

Answer whether you're a bear *right now*.

Obviously the bear population will change from day to day, it doesn't have to be a definitive answer so much as just a snapshot of where the bear population is right this moment.

@Griff how close would you say, in your opinion, are axolotls to bears,

@avie I don't think an axolotl is a bear. u.u

@Griff @avie If an axolotl can hibernate, they're like bears :3

@Griff Seeing the replies, I found out I answered to the wrong question. I thought you were asking if YOU'RE a bear, not if I were.


@Genstar That's all right, my polling methods allow for some degree of error.

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