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Been thinking for a while now that I want to present as more feminine online, but my avatar has always read as too masculine for me to really feel it.

But I've drawn this picture, and the more I look at it, the more I like it, so.

Hello. Goldybear. :3

Changing avatar and screen name at the same time might be a shock to long-time followers, so just wanted to say yeah, 's still me. :3

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Picked up Animal Crossing again after a long absence. If you'd like to dream about my island, I'm at DA-7179-3119-0418.

Reply with your codes if you'd like me to dream about you. :3

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Once there was a bear

Who got so thirsty

He drank a whole lake

Then he did a big burp

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Cradle you between my paws
Slowly open up my jaws
Gentle tongue and velvet throat
Bear goes GLRP!
... And down you go.~

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All right, I think that's enough experimenting, here's my proper hello.

Hello, I am Griff, and this is my mouth. n.n (art by Ifus at FA). I'll be using this account primarily for my after-dark thoughts, maybe some light roleplay, probably boosting some vore art that I like?

This should be fun. :3

Found a copy of The Mouse and the Motorcycle. 🐭 ❤️

Picking up my dog's meds in my sweat pants and there's not a damned thing you can do to stop me

Mood (-) 

It's been a real rollercoaster this past month. Very erratic lows and highs.

I feel like I hit one of those emotional threshholds where your personality just breaks and reassembles itself.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just feeling very different.

Kosmos have made a number of single-use escape room tabletop games, and it's interesting to see them branching out into more generally-themed adventure games that can be repacked and replayed.

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You can use items on points of interest or each other by putting their codes together and looking up the entry.

The example they use is if you have a can of cat food(10) and a can opener(15), you look up 1015 to see what happens when you put them together. The game tells you to take card 12, which is "opened cat food". Combine cat food(12) with the cat in the room(106) and look up 12106 to see what happens next.

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Trying one of the Kosmos tabletop adventure games, it's pretty neat so far.

You have cards to represent rooms, with points of interest in each room having a 3-digit code. To examine something, you flip through a code book and read the entry for that number. Sometimes you'll find an item, and you'll be instructed to draw a card with a 2-digit code.

Butt Stuff 

I have a good smackin' butt. |3

I think it's the combination of

The actual gameboards are smaller

The turn count has been reduced from 20-50 to 10-20

Dice have gone from d10s to d6s

The game can only be played with one tiny joycon per player, which makes you feel like you're holding one of those tiny controllers that the two-player Game & Watch games had

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There's something about Super Mario Party that reminds me of those travel edition board games they had back when I was growing up.

It's like "Here are all of the pieces you need to play the board game you're familiar with, but everything about it feels very small and slightly off."

CDC Guidelines 

I *would* like to go back to the gym.

It feels a little weird to be thinking about it considering that *just yesterday* I was arguing with my mom about this.

I feel like maybe I'll wait two weeks and see if the CDC goes "whoops that was a mistake" before I actually jump in.

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CDC Guidelines 

You know

For as long as I've been saying that I'm waiting for the CDC to say it's okay to take the masks off

Now that they've actually done it, I'm just like

Yeah, but is it *really* okay?

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Another genderless insult you can use to terrify your enemies 


Went for a morning hike and a coyote crossed my path. We took one look at each other, they bolted, and I avoided the direction they went.

Not that I'm overly paranoid about animal attacks, but I know they can happen if the animal is aggravated in some way. Glad I just had a cool encounter.

Covid antivax 

From the beginning of the pandemic, she has swallowed every conspiracy line you've heard. The virus is a population control weapon, but we should just let everyone catch it so we get natural herd immunity, because the vaccine is dangerous, and masking has gotten out of hand because the masks don't do anything.

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Covid antivax 

Had a lovely day out with my mom. But when we got to talking about Covid vaccination and how frustrated I am with people who refuse to get it, she gave me this line about how vaccinating against the virus makes it stronger, drawing a parallel to bacterial antibiotic resistance.

And I just feel... powerless to reach her.

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You know, I remember hearing as a kid the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, and I remember thinking how fucking ridiculous the entire concept was.

Then I grew up and NFTs became a thing.

The Longing, mild spoilers 

It didn't take long for me to discover... something. It gave the game a purpose that I wasn't expecting, and now I'm fairly certain that I'm actually going to finish it, and not just forget about it and never see the ending.

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There is no fast travel system in the game, but you *can* set your character to automatically walk to any location that you've got a memory of.

You also get a little living space which you can decorate with objects that you've found. Your bookshelf is filled with texts that you can read, including full public domain works like Moby Dick.

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The pace of the game is SLOW. Your character plods along at a crawl, completely unhurried by their task, because after all, they're spending 400 days down here, so why rush things?

The caves are a twisty maze with a few key landmarks. You will find places where you will have to wait until a way forward opens up for you. To help you return to these spots, you can save a memory which will allow your character to return to that spot automatically.

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The Longing is a game where you are a Shade, your underground King has tasked you with remaining within his caves and to wake him up in 400 days, when his strength has returned.

The gimmick is that the 400 days are spent in real time, and that time passes even when you aren't actively playing the game.

The main action of the game is exploring the caves and finding ways to pass the time.

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