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Vore, Belly pet, gross digestion 

I got a vore picture! For my birthday! From Accip! Drawn by Aren, over at !

Given the opportunity, I would absolutely keep my boyfriend in my stomach 24/7 and only hork him up for tonguekissies. Living the dream. <3

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What are the amenities at Bear Spa?

- Hot and cold tubs
- Steam room and sauna
- Massage and scritchies
- Catch-your-own sashimi bar
- Nap pile
- Wrestling ring
- Complimentary tea and biscuits

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Once there was a bear

Who got so thirsty

He drank a whole lake

Then he did a big burp

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Cradle you between my paws
Slowly open up my jaws
Gentle tongue and velvet throat
Bear goes GLRP!
... And down you go.~

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All right, I think that's enough experimenting, here's my proper hello.

Hello, I am Griff, and this is my mouth. n.n (art by Ifus at FA). I'll be using this account primarily for my after-dark thoughts, maybe some light roleplay, probably boosting some vore art that I like?

This should be fun. :3

Been thinking lately about drawing again.


The "She wants to order" meme, but it's just a picture of my butt with a little raccoon nose trying to peek in from the corner.

"so the instruction manuals represent fascism"

how the fuck did this get greenlit

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how fucked up is it that they made a lego movie and it was actually really great



When it comes right down to it

I really just want to eat people. |3

Life Hack: Leave a board game set up on your table so you have something to look forward to when you get home from work. |3

Macro, Stomp, Spoopkyween 

Here's just a cool little Halloween animation. Technically a promo for the Macro/Micro VR Service game, but also just a fun watch.

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There lives a certain man in a city far away
He has fangs and claws and his fur is long and gray
Most of the kids at school think he wants to eat them up
But his roommates know that he’s just an awkward pup
He was always hiding in the shadows trying not to make a scene
But to fight a mafia of lions was his destiny

Le-Le-Legoshi, virgin of the drama team
Rabbit or deer, he couldn’t decide
Le-Le-Legoshi, Beastars’ greatest love machine
Nobody told him he could be bi

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You know when a pred makes a point of baring their teeth when they thunderbelch?

That's the good shit. |3

Wow. I was having one of those dreams where you put something down and you can't find it again. Usually this leads to a prolonged period of fruitless searching, but I realized it was a dream and I called my brain out for screwing with me and refused to be baited.

I woke up feeling *particularly* refreshed. |3

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"So, uh, you're an Elf?"
"Are you, like, homo or heterosexual?"
"Me, or Elves?"
"Er, both?"
"Most Elves are homosexual, some are heterosexual, some bisexual. I am bisexual."
"You like both men and women?"
"What's gender got to do with it? I like both Elves and Dwarves."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Lewd, cursed, easily the worst thing I've ever written 


Shari Lewis taught me how to pre-slice a banana, and I am forever indebted.

(You insert a needle through the peel, then push it side to side to slice through the banana. Then peel it in front of a friend to astonish them!)

No word at the moment about the longevity of the other pyramid products that are out right now. Bought a couple extra boxes of Nomids just in case they get discontinued too. I'm discovering that it's nice to just have some extra sets of pyramids to use in other DIY board game projects.

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Sounds like Pyramid Arcade is going out of print due to production costs, possibly forever?

That's kind of sad. I definitely got caught up in the story behind it. It seems like it's Andy Looney's passion project, and it was kind of nice to think that it would be this system that would always be available, with new expansions coming out on a regular basis.

I'm definitely happy with my own box.

I can't awake today. -.-

Someone else has to awake for me.

UK royalty, shitpost 

FUCK has anyone done a Charles in Charge joke yet?

FUCK, I've missed it haven't I. -.-

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