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Picked up Animal Crossing again after a long absence. If you'd like to dream about my island, I'm at DA-7179-3119-0418.

Reply with your codes if you'd like me to dream about you. :3

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Once there was a bear

Who got so thirsty

He drank a whole lake

Then he did a big burp

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Cradle you between my paws
Slowly open up my jaws
Gentle tongue and velvet throat
Bear goes GLRP!
... And down you go.~

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That which doesn't kill me goes STRAIGHT in my mouth. |3

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All right, I think that's enough experimenting, here's my proper hello.

Hello, I am Griff, and this is my mouth. n.n (art by Ifus at FA). I'll be using this account primarily for my after-dark thoughts, maybe some light roleplay, probably boosting some vore art that I like?

This should be fun. :3

Video games 

Super Mario All-Stars: Here's a collection of games with completely reworked graphics and music, including one game that's never been seen in your region before.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars: have some roms


Bears are:

Reorganizing my 3DS folders feels very nice. |3

I wish 3DS badges were just like... a system update. And not a pay-to-play gatcha game.

Last night I was reminded that my favorite werewolf movie is the music video for Wolf Like Me by TV On the Radio.

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some info regarding labels I wished more people on the Fediverse knew about 

3. a ton of xenogenders (genders defined by comparisons to things such as rocks, plants, animals, feelings, holidays and so on) have already been coined. Kingender people (people whose gender identities are defined or influenced by their kintype[s]) also exist. So genders that are mainly defined as fire, dragon, 80s aesthetic, fragility, fruits and so on already exist, and aren't jokes or hypothetical situations.

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Aggretsuko Season 3, mild spoilers (+) 

"You've been caught red panda'd" is a great line. |3

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i desperately need a statistic on this please help

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There once was a man from Peru
Whose limericks would end on line two

Too many house rooms? 🏠

Just add bears! 🐻

Most of what I know about British culture comes from Red Dwarf, which has given me quite an interesting perspective.


When being prey is a major part of your identity and it makes you feel good. |3


In real life, most bears actually avoid humans because they're scary rather than specifically seeking them out to eat them.

Don't know what they're missing. |3

uspol, death 

*spots a tsunami on the horizon labelled "Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died of complications due to cancer"*

Just... log off. Grab a pizza. :3

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I think this will be a good night to log off and grab a pizza. :3

Huh, they still do monster truck rallies. Good for them. n.n

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"Gifted kids" 


The reason "gifted kids" are so frequently fucked up is because being told over and over again that one is innately better than the other kids engenders partial traits of clinical narcissism in a person. Often these will include a chaotic boom and bust relationship with self-esteem and desire for praise. It has nothing to do with the actuality of being "smart" it's just toxic socialization.

Have a good day!

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One time I was leading a biiiig meeting of people and my icebreaker question was "in a utopic world where you could do any job you wanted exactly as you want to do it, and you didn't need to work, what would you want to do?" I was expecting a lot of people to answer with Artist or Dancing

Almost every single person said "Exactly what I'm doing now just less hours a week and better working conditions"

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Wow, okay, I think I really like the idea of referring to a predatory significant other as "my abysm". c.c;

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