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Been thinking for a while now that I want to present as more feminine online, but my avatar has always read as too masculine for me to really feel it.

But I've drawn this picture, and the more I look at it, the more I like it, so.

Hello. Goldybear. :3

Changing avatar and screen name at the same time might be a shock to long-time followers, so just wanted to say yeah, 's still me. :3

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Picked up Animal Crossing again after a long absence. If you'd like to dream about my island, I'm at DA-7179-3119-0418.

Reply with your codes if you'd like me to dream about you. :3

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Once there was a bear

Who got so thirsty

He drank a whole lake

Then he did a big burp

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Cradle you between my paws
Slowly open up my jaws
Gentle tongue and velvet throat
Bear goes GLRP!
... And down you go.~

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All right, I think that's enough experimenting, here's my proper hello.

Hello, I am Griff, and this is my mouth. n.n (art by Ifus at FA). I'll be using this account primarily for my after-dark thoughts, maybe some light roleplay, probably boosting some vore art that I like?

This should be fun. :3

thank you for coming to my second grade standup routine

ever notice that hamburgers arent made of ham????!

Oh my god, if you touch the screen, it does that thing that LCD displays do, where all of the liquid crystal segments turn black, I love it. n.n <3

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This is a good morning for some classic Phelous. |3

I've only played Puzzle Loop so far, one of my favorite logic games that doesn't seem to be quite as popular as your Sudoku or Picross. It's a good version of the game, controls very well, really like the fact that the current time is displayed on the screen at all times, nice to have that visible when you're playing a quick puzzle just to fill time.

'S good.

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I really love when these games made in retro style focus on the physical aspects.

In this one, you get a little unboxing animation when you select a game for the first time. You get 3-D models of the handhelds, the boxes, the instruction manuals.

Wish you could rebox and then unbox the games again because I'm that kind of person. |3

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Hell yeah, Piczle Puzzle & Watch is out on Switch. n.n

'S got Picross.

'S got Lights Out.

'S got Puzzle Loop.

All in a Game & Watch format.

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Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Game Grumps, Deez Nuts 

Okay, I'm not a *huge* fan of "deez nuts" jokes, but credit where it's due, "Wendy's nuts go in your mouth"?

That was kind of beautiful. |3


I'd like to get married on The Gay Train. |3

Great Ace Attorney, Mechanics, No Story Spoilers 

I also like that Great Ace Attorney brings back that thing Layton vs. Wright did where multiple characters take the stand at once, and when one character reacts to another character's testimony, you can switch focus.

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Great Ace Attorney, Setting talk, No Story Spoilers 

I continue to feel like Layton vs. Wright gave the Ace Attorney team a breath of fresh air, like

It's really interesting to take the basic Ace Attorney formula to different times and places, where legal systems and forensic techniques are different from what we're used to.

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Wow heck, I didn't realize that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles was a compilation of *two* games, guess I'm going to be busy for a while. |3

House Adventures 

This living room is coming together, and I love it. |3

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House Adventures 

It reminds me of cozy days in my past, when I would spend the winter nights reclined on a foldout couch bed, playing Phantasy Star Onine. |3

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House Adventures 

Second phase of the house painting adventure is done. |3 Now I get to rearrange the furniture and prepare for the last stretch.

ALSO, got a lovely convertible futon, and I am using it to extend my couch so that I can have both of my legs all the way up, it is complete decadence. |3

Gotta make room on the Switch for Ace Attorney Chronicles.

... I *guess* I don't need Dragon's Lair Trilogy loaded up at the moment. For the amount of space it uses up and how infrequently I play it. u.u

"Look at that one wasting their life doing the thing that makes them happy, if only they knew the joy of doing the thing that makes ME happy"

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I used to be like, "Why do furries make everything about their animal, who even does that"

But now it's like, no, I get it, do the thing that makes you happy. Why wouldn't you

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Bear is a weird word

Why do I care so much about this specific animal


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