I got another vore story up! A much softer tale involving endo, clean full tour, and some cute foxes. And it even has a few illustrations!

Please come check it out, and let me know what you think. foxgut.neocities.org/housecall


Come check out the new and improved foxgut.neocities.org ! Now CSS and Javascript free.

Vore story talk 

New story's up on my site. I really wanted to write something with Krystal again, and I also tried to explore a more sci-fi-ish setting and attempted soul vore for the first time.

Be warned, there's soul digestion, disposal, and other nasty stuff in this one!


Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime

That's why I write vore on company time

NSFW, vore story 

I'm not dead yet. I have another macro/macro vore story up. foxgut.neocities.org/hydah.htm

@Azure So basically foxes do the sword fighting in The Secret of Monkey Island.

more dumb vore jokes 

yeah I wrote a BDSM story


vore/macro talk 

me on ellen

ellen: so i found your writing

me: omg really?!

(a macro vixen walks out on stage)

me: omg ellen you didn’t

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dumb vore/kink joke 

I'm really into BDSM


dumb vore/kink joke 

I'm really into BDSM


vore, shitpost 

@Taris God that's also really hot

vore, shitpost 

@Taris Both object retrival and pushing junk through while being full toured are incredibly hot scenarios.

My "Not Into Furry Vore" shirt has people asking a lot of questions that are already answered by the shirt.

I'm into VORE 

Renderings of
Eating people

new vore story 

@Griff I see! Well thank you very much for the feedback.

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