More God of War! You know what'd go good with this game? Pizza. But pay day isn't till Friday so I'll just have you! :p

Back again with more God of War, defeated a dragon last week! Wonder what will happen next!

I'm a bit late cause life stuff, but let's do more God of War!

God of War is up and ready, let's keep on layin' down some daddly beatins!

Looks like Kratos got old and has a children with him, wonder how this game is.

I'm playing A Way Out with a friend of mine, I hope you like it ^^

Forgive me, my body is just not prepared as I was mentally and I neglected to remember that most of my audience is UK so they're asleep, I'll do a stream early morning instead ^^;

Oooooooh lord I'm comin'! 24 hours of games, starting with Payday 2 and moving on to whatever comes to mind! Let's do this thing! Coffee don't let me down!

Let's go on an adventure where we destroy our friends and laugh at each other about it, time for Armello!

We Happy Few..this game really has surprised me, let's keep playing it!

I still can't get my green screen to function properly in my webcam, till I find better lighting let's play We Happy Few blind!

Doing something a bit different today, hope you like Terraria!

Streaming Armello with friends and chewing down some pizza!

Streeming with friens! Ever heard of Divinity 2? If ya have good! If ya haven't then GET IN HERE!!!

I decided to get drunk, lets toast some vodka and play Dead by Daylight! Completing the first Tome on DbD and slaying with The Nurse for a while.

Completing the first Tome on DbD and slaying with The Nurse for a while.

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