Streaming with a buddy or two! Live with Super Animal Royale!

Despite my exhaustion I am going to push a stream out today, I don't know what I'll play but if I fall silent or sound tired I apologize.

I'm pushing for partnership on Mixer this year as best as I can and it's for a good reason especially now as the factory I work for is working on breaking down the building I work for from the inside out and in 5 years time I may lose my job. So please, if you know folks looking for entertainment send them here to watch some streams or such cause if I lose my job then that's another restart that I can not afford while being a home owner.

Hi hi! I'm streaming Bloodborne with my fur friend Xegrashi again!

Continuing Bloodborne with a fellow fur! Who I adore and will be moving in with this summer ;w;

Going live with more Bloodborne with another fellow fur right now!

Ack! I'm late! Here's my Nioh stream if you want in, live now!

Today I try out Mixer! Bloodborne is the game and drunk I am planning to be

Here's the result of my art stream, a Yoshi for Yoshi's Crafted World coming out March 29th ^^

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