Here we go for another stream! Tower Unite and Apex Legends afterward and the countdown to the giveaway is still ongoing!

Here we go! An apex fatcatbat plays some Apex Legends, there's also a $20 Nintendo eShop code giveaway happening, find out how to get it!

Here we go everyone! Dead by Daylight and Super Mario Maker 2 happening right now!

9 hours into the 24 hour stream, so many followers today! Let's keep going!

Alright, to prove my commitment to streaming as more than a hobby I present to you 24 hours of Super Mario Maker 2!

I'm giving Twitch one more shot, let's play Binding of Isaac!

Playing more Dead by Daylight and I might be revisiting Resident Evil 2!

Stream starts soon, pop in for an early seat! Let's work the followers from 100 to 200!

I'm streaming DUSK today for the first time, come check it out! ^^

I'm going to try some Tower Unite co-streaming today, me and a bat buddy from my discord, can come watch if you like!

Oh boy! The fat gay kittybat is at it again on Dead by Daylight! Daed bi Deylite, Dad by Midnight, let's go!

Looks like we might be hitting 150 follows this month, let's find out! Watch this fat gay kitty play some Dead by Daylight!

To celebrate reaching 100 follows it's time to play Dead by Daylight and maybe slaughter a fan or two ^^;

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