Oh golly! The devs that made Super Animal Royale want to watch me stream it sometime! Here's the tweet they sent when I @'d them!

Live with more Super Animal Royale! Let's see if this big boy can be top of the food chain for the 3rd time! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Super Animal Royale is such a treat! Come see the game on my channel LIVE! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Got 2nd place one day and 4th on the other, let's hit first this time! Tetris 99 is LIVE! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Here we go! Resident Evil 2 DLC has dropped! Let's check it out together! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Hi everyone! Hope your Valentines Day went well with all the folks who love you like you love them! Let's unwind with all that discount chocolate together! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Been a while since I've seen New Vegas, let's give it another go ^^ twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

The push for Twitch Partnership continues with playing Super Mario Bros. 3 with a friend! Let's save the princess! (again) twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

I hope everyone day has been wonderful so far! Fixin' to take a break? Allow me to entertain! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Streaming with a fellow fur on my first playthrough of Dark Souls Remastered, hope you'll like it ^^ twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Hiya fellas! Hope your day is going great! I'm streaming some RE2 if you got free time, hope your day continues to be wonderful ^^

Folks have been loving this game! Let's have some fun together on Wargroove ^^ twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Good morning! Let's have ourselves a good day today, yeah? Stream is up for more Wargroove! Let's push for partner! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

Wargroove released yesterday, I'm blind to it so this will be a wonderful experience for everyone! twitch.tv/fatcatbat9

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