FINALLY after working a full week of overtime I feel good enough to play something! Skyrim VR today, let's check this out yeah?

I'm going to play a game I don't regularly play, but Cthulhu was released on Smite so I kinda can't put it off anymore >w>

aaaaa stream is late! I'm so sorry ;w; Big Warzone update is out! Let's take a peek ^^

I'm a tad tired but I wanna play stuff! Mass Effect continues and I'm about to confront Matriarch Benezia! <3

Shucks I keep forgetting to post here sometimes when I'm going live x.x
But I'll post an art! Did this on Picrew that represents me but thinner and without a beard that's so long that it's trying to escape my face.

I feel like in this period in time we need music more than ever, let's jam with Rock Band 4 ^^

Fixing up some Pokken and I got a hat for the occasion! I need to shake off the rust in training mode then I'll see about getting some fights going ^^

Starting things off with an indie game called Downwell then I'll start on some SNES games!

I'm finally back into the swing of streaming! I'm really going to give it my all to become partnered so I can leave my toxic factory job and spend more time making smiles and doing more smiling of my own! Let's play some Halo for a bit and then find a channel to raid!

I made a guild on The Elder Scrolls Blades for the Switch, can join it if you like! Look for: Sweetest Hearts#6465

Work resumes for me tomorrow, thank you to folks that came to watch this big kitty do stuff whenever I wasn't sleeping in too long. I'll try to get a schedule going during the work weeks when I'm not exhausted and sore.

Goooood morning! Let's play some more of an old classic, The Ultimate DOOM!

doing a late stream for a couple hours, slept till 5pm today which is a sure sign I need more vitamin D x.x

OwO !! I'm using facecam and green screen? Let's play some Persona 5!

today is my birthday! I can't think of a better way to celebrate it than chillin' with you fellas for a few hours, let's play a variety today!

Today is my special day, 31 year old fatty here to sit where everyone walks, go for pets and I might flop over! You been warned.

Sorry I haven't been streaming lately, been really dropping the ball on that. Reworking my sleep schedule and trying to be more consistent so I can entertain you fellas, I'll stream some Left 4 Dead 2 for you guys then I'll head to sleep shortly afterward so I can get back on track!

Buddy of mine showed me how to mod Fallout 3. Wanna see that sometime?


A meeting of two fat friends, featuring yours truly and an owl friendo

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, been a bit since I played it! Let's see how much I remember~

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