Action figures, recommendations needed 

I’ve had my eye on the SH Figuarts Spider-Man from the PS4 game
I’m lookin for cheapish dopamine purchases, and apparently the Chinese knockoff game is already strong for this figure, with prices being a third the usual.
I wanna get this figure, but while the knockoff prices are really really good, i rather not deal with any issues that may arise from dealing with em.

vidya, cars, gta online, programming 

(i’m on ps4 if that’s what you were first wondering)
i was thinkin about the Annis Elegy Retro Custom, and how itsa amalgamation of the RB26 lineup of the GT-Rs.
It’s cool imo, easily my favorite car in the game performance wise.
though i was wondering about an algorithm that could take the three 3d models and meld them into one combined shape, for the true, ultimate GT-R

Covid coughies, +/-, internet screencap 

Found this on my travels


Jussayin that mango alien fuzzderg guts are all bioluminescent emerald!
What does this mean for you?
Well, if you and a friend get gobbled up by me, you’ll have some of the best selfie lighting imaginable ;9


Yolaaa! I’m Ell McKenna, a longtime furry (Nearly 20 years!) living in Boston!
As of this writing I’m currently unemployed, but I typically do jobs that involve Picking Up The Heavy Thing.
Sometimes I draw! Sometimes I write? It’s not often at all for me to do either, but I do it!
I definitely love smoking weed too much, along with nerding out about cars, comics, and lefty politics!

Voreny, drugs 

You invite your alien fuzzdragon friend and some others for a shoom trip session together, but it isnKt long before you’re all tucked away in your dragon friends’ belly, all squished together cozily and hugged all over by slimy stomach walls, your entire surroundings hot, slimy, and bioluminescent emerald (pic related)
Don’t worry! You’ll get spit up by your friend after awhile, unless you choose to stay longer...

Cars, Gran Turismo, weed mensh 

Hey so i recently made these wallpapers on Gran Turismo Sport but i forget if i shared them before and i’m too high to wanna go check, but anyways here there they are.
All liveries made by moi.
Feel free to use!

New Fursona Ref! and maybe a drug mention 

@EllMcKenna here is a lil somethin for size comparison.
(I’m 5’11” btw)

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New Fursona Ref! and maybe a drug mention 

Ahhhh so i finally finished a thing!

Meet Ell, the Mango Alien Fuzzdragon!
He loves givin hugs, smashin fash, gettin reeeeally stoned, eatin lotsa junk food, and watchin chill videos while snuggling with you.


Wouldn’t it be just the ~coolest~ to get ate by a big fluffy spacederg, who’s insides looked like this?~~


Say. Hello to the alien fuzzderggggg

Just thinkin about going here and just....
It’s been awhile since I was that genuinely happy.
Ima cherish it 💚

So i had a weird thing happen last night.
I get home and turn on my Mac desktop, and the first wallpaper that loads is this

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