About meeee 

Ima progressive skunky person with desires to see people realize we all can get along and empathize and build from each other and save the planet and go to the stars and eventually get taken over by a hivemind alien bacteria
Not really i personally wanna see cyborg chassis prosthetic bodies that i can download myself into within my lifetime.
I dunno what fursona i’ll have by then, but by harold i will try out being female if i haven’t transitioned by then.

About meeee, but lewder 

@EllMcKenna i am also sometimes ludicrously horny for sometimes just as extreme kinks
Vore is a big one, with cumflation a very close second.
Weight gain of all sorts is Very Good. Especially if it’s from the above two.
I don’t feel like sharing the xtreme stuff here (just yet)

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About meeee, but a lot less lewder 

I also enjoy comic books a bunch. I read a LOT of Spidey from the late 70’s to mid-80’s and then a bunch from the mid-90s to abouuuuuut a year ago.

About meeee, but a lot less lewder cont’d 

@EllMcKenna i’m dumb and hit send too early.
I used to read a buncha Batman, but then i realized how lame and classist he was.
Deadpool was pretty good for awhile.
I got blocked on twatter by Scott Auckerman (of Comedy Bang Bang) when he guest-wrote an issue of Deadpool vs Spider-Man, and I complained how it was a giant advertisement for Comedy Bang Bang.

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About meeee, chapter six 

I really fucking love cars.
I agree with getting rid of personal cars as the standard method of transportation yadda yadda
I agree with all vehicles being converted to electric or some other eco-friendly fuel source

I will always love the song of V12’s, or the scream of inline 6’s, or any of the crazy engine and exhaust nites the automotive industry has produced. They have provided joyful memories that i will always treasure

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About meeee, episode red 

@EllMcKenna i have a strong appreciation for anything that can go fast. And even the not so fast and weird things that are out there.
Ima huge Nissan fanskunk, but Honda’s been growing on me quite a bit.
I yearn to travel to Japan and visit the Wangan and Touge and all the tuning shops hhhhhhhh
Japan has a lotta cool cars jussayin
I wanna put a Hemi Demon engine inna 71 ‘Cuda
I wanna EV a Silvia S15 with the Singer Porsche treatment done to it
I want an Ecto 1

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