Shoutout to that time in college when,
A dorm building neighbor, who legit talked like a 1940’s NY gangster and worked on the college newspaper
Showed up at my dorm door with a pack of 50 crack lighters, as repayment for me giving him cigarettes for free a few times.

The actual website for this ( is so egregious in declaring that these supporters 'value' us as 'employees, customers and colleagues' because that's all they care about. We're useful to them and this is the absolute bare minimum they will do.

I've never been a fan of the phrase because of this, it's universal (which is great) but also can be used like this (which is very bad). Trans liberalism is still liberalism.

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he sent me a message like “okay I made a mistake on this one” and I replied “yeah, we can’t really call him the lead until we have some Associate Shitfuckers too”

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boss accidentally printed one of my placeholder-text business cards along with the staff ones I designed

he is not mad but we now have eighty (80) business cards for Bob Shitfuckerson, Lead Shitfucker

I would NEVER let a tiny kobold tamper with my electronics but unfortunately I have no choice. Look. *hits PS4 eject button and eight of the little brats tumble out covered in thermal paste* I think they just like the taste of the stuff

mh- cursed idea 

the room next to me is unoccupied, and full of furniture n junk nobody wants.
there’s a baseball bat downstairs.
impromptu rage cage, maybe?

new comission from komorashi on twit

it's a good face

it's very fitting right now

people taking the death of an unelected lifetime appointee who will 100% guaranteed be replaced by sitting members of government as an opportunity to talk up voting are missing the point with an almost unimaginable intensity

may we all continue to live out of total spite so we can break the backs of every fascist with our own hands

may we all outlast these depraved genocidal fucks so we can piss on the graves we made them dig for themselves with their own teeth

Mh—, life stuff 

@EllMcKenna i also had my phone service shut off last night, again. Fuck Verizon, the ceo’s who decided it was okay to shut off people’s service during a fucking global pandemic need to die as well.
In general i’ve been miserable.
There’s a couple people I got back in contact with, but they’re being awful about responding to messages. Ie i’ll message them a greeting, and see them online, and see them respond in group chats, but my message gets ignored.
If i suck, tell me dammit.

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Mh—, pol- 

It’s been 15 minutes since i woke up and i am already furious.
Donald needs to fucking die.

Mh—, horny 

Me: goes into depressive spiral
My brain: okay time to be stupid horny to take our mind offa everything
Me: tries to find people to rp with and be horny with, but everyone else is in depressive spirals of their own and very much Not Horny
Me: ;ww;

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