voreny ideas 

i’ve been stupendously voreny for the past week.
Current mood, and this id a -very- new one for me, be a big horny fat doggo that feasts upon humans n demis galore. Just wanna drool n slurp over smooth flesh.
Pigs are also welcome :9

voreny af ideas 

tubby doggo who lives onna space colony, fattens themselves up to be a more appetizing n fattening meal for another pred, but also preds it up to get heftier.
Eventually has a heckuva voreny feast, then on the way home gets scooped up by a big ole quadruped dragon that lives on the colony as well.
Ends up getting cumflated even fatter in Zero-G, then gobbled up out of midair n churned into a big greasy dragonshit and soooo much ore dergfats.


i discovered some new vore chats, but it’s the classic trope of ‘nobody is available for proper voreny shenanigans’ lol. which happens!

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help i’ve been voreny as fuck for the past couple days now

ane, whoops, - 

whoops i went n tried staying another night to go to post-con hangouts, but i’ve been turned away cuz of how smol the rooms are apparently.
Sad doggo noises.

ANE pcd 

one of the furry bands are playing n singing on the mezzanine as people filter outta the hotel, and AGGGHHHHHHH SAD DOGGO NOISES

i need another tarot reading to consult the ghost that is following me

tfw you wanna get horny/intimate with friend, but also extremely nervous about crossing boundaries, and then watch that friend initiate a hookup with another person right in front of you lol whoops

ANE, -, RSD/anxiety 

but it still hurts when my own roommates go and make dinner reservations for the whole gang, and not a single person let me know.

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ANE, -, RSD/anxiety 

i love my local furry friends, but they’ve been all living together through all the covids, while i only just managed to join up with them, and it shows in just much of an outsider I am in how many times I do not get the invite to join in the group shenanigans. I try not to fault em, cuz legit they’ve just had that much more time to grow hella close through one of the most terrifying times in human history.

@ANE, +++ 

my own experiences so far aside, holy fuck ANE 2022 is so fucking rad.

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@ANE, a lil meh? 

i’m definitely feeling a lil like i’ve ‘failed’ at the con so far. no explicitly bad times so far, but not getting responded to by friends when trying to make plans definitely sets off my anxiety and RSD.

TIL my furry Dad n my biological Dad share the same birthday

lol i am dumb 

tfw it’s 3:30am and you’re snowed in during a nutso blizzard and you’re staying with friends in the house you’re about to move into, but you didn’t come prepared at all so you’re left laying on the cold floor cuz the air mattress is deflated snd everyone passed tf out before you could even get a pillow or blanket lol

friendly reminder that if you wanna move to Medford asap, hmu

moving stuff 

so i’m still tryna find somebody to take over my room, but in the meantime there’s just been more n more time spent at the house i’m tryna get into, and every time i hafta go back to my ‘old place’ it just sucks so muccch.

Housing listing for Medford MA! 

Heya! I’m trying to move out of my current apartment, into a houseful of furry friends down the street. If you’re trying to move into the Medford/Somerville area of Boston, please hmu!!!

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