This is the third time i’ve been profiled by the stop n shop robot in the dairy section.

Those beeps are very classist you circuit stooge.

Your end will be in this aisle.

Sorta lewd, voreny 

I had a coworker ask me this week if ‘Ben’ was short for ‘Benjamin’ or ‘Benaldo’ before crackin up.
It was airl shitpost

RPGnet considers raising awareness to the slow genocide of trans children at the hands of Conservatives "political trash" and the usual "antics of a banned user".

"Dying trans women crying out for help is exactly the same as Nazis calling for the genocide of all Jews", said the Enlightened Centrists, sitting on their massive brains.

u come back to mastodon for the first time in a while.

it is 2050.

i now have 400 fursonas, all of which are pokemon wearing hoodies

the returns cart is upended. the cds are destroyed. the computers are ruined. the raccoon is ecstatic, running wildly from aisle to aisle. you have never felt more calm in your life. you are immune to physical sensations. it is just you and the chair, and the raccoon which is destroying the library. and you are letting it happen

doesn’t it feel so good to sit down. the chair is so comfy and soft. sink deeper into its folds. the raccoon is eating up the books and tearing out their pages. you needn’t lift a finger

there is so much to do every day. so many places to go, so many things that need doing. not now. not now. the library is closed forever. there will be nothing left when it is finished. nothing but you, and this chair, perfectly still at the heart of the ruins.

maybe the raccoon will sit down with you, and rest.

the raccoon is efficient. a little thunderstorm in the children’s section. you can hear it tearing up the jewel cases of the books on tape. but you do not get up. let the raccoon do it. it was going to happen anyway. let it happen

do not stand in its way. let the raccoon take over. sit by and let it happen

CATS the Movie except all the cats are Gremlin Sonics

might as well go for full cursed

TIL the Heaven's Gate cult updated its website shortly before the group ended in a tragic mass suicide in 1997. The website is online in that exact form to this day and is even indexed by Google



oh by the way chicken and rice guys is gonna park their truck at #ANE2020 on saturday lmao

we need 100 people to go eat food so we don't have to pay them so uh

if ur goin, please enjoy!

Draping myself over my furniture instead of getting ready for work 2020 challenge

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