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Been very much in the mood of wanting to get tf’d into my fuzzderg fursona. (Pic for ref, i’m there for size reference)
Parta me wants this so i can lounge about and snuggle friends and eat lotsa food n just chilllll~~
But i also have a stronger urge to wanna go out as a fuzzderg and start flippin cop APC’s n tail whipping squads of fascist riot cops down the street.
Fuck 2020
Fuck this fascist state
We can make it better.

The United States is THE Evil Empire from every cartoon and it must be destroyed as an institution. The fascist government must be toppled

This is my pet rock. She kills cops. I don't know how, but I'm proud of her. Her name is Gentcrant

blm rebellions 2020, mt rushmore, sdpol 

Indigenous activists are protesting at Mount Rushmore, claiming their right to the land under the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie.


blm-adj, mass police misconduct, mapol 

A Massachusetts detective was promptly fired when the police commissioner learned that she had posted on social media in support of her niece's attendance of a BLM protest. This isn't what something that can be reformed looks like.


covid, chicago, ilpol 

Mayor Lightfoot and the Chicago municipal government is refusing to release basic data related to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, and along with Police Superintendent Brown will be pursuing a policy of mass arrest of teens on street corners, looking to keep them locked up this weekend.



covid, uspol, tulsa, oklahoma 

From the time period following the King in Orange's rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma has a 100% positive test rate for tests for the novel coronavirus.


seattle, blm-adj, violence 

David Lawrence, a Seattle-area Doordash driver, attempted to run over numerous protestors.


You've heard that the Khajiit love naps, yes? So does M'aiq. Though maybe M'aiq is napping now and this conversation is but a dream.

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