Bottled water companies don't produce water, they produce plastic bottles.

Petitioning the government to declassify the documents regarding the creation of Neil Breen

I鈥檓 still the mayor and you better do as i say

Jfc between Halloween traffic in Salem and Rigata Classic traffic in Boston along Storrow Drive, Ima be sitting in traffic FOREVER today

I have like 2 more trips worth of stuff back in Salem and i so rather relax n sleep n smoke weed after this long-ass week

Raindrops or roses and whiskers on kittens
Thick looping coils with which I'm so smitten
Cute little creatures eyes filled with bright rings
These are a few of my favorite things~

Reminder that Grimms Fairytale Classics has an episode in which a kitsune with 9 tales fakes his own death to see if his wife really loves him and 9 super cute boyos with successively more tails show up to try and woo her.

No...I didn't write this...why would you ask that?

uspol, gov. goodhair 

Pete Buttigieg Tries Appealing To Moderate Boomers By Announcing He Doesn鈥檛 Agree With His Choice To Be Gay But Respects His Decision #petebuttigieg #election2020 #vol55issue42 #news

Financial solidarity requested.

November rent and bills.


Hi, my name is not important but I am a white passing Latinx Trans femme active with the Portland activist and antifascist communities.

I am pained to ask for help with so many things going on with me from food security the last few weeks and now I am asking for help with my November Rent and bills. I need to cover some 161 work related expenses, this includes the rearming and re-equipping of a comrade who was violently snatch-and-grabbed arrested by Portland Police during the climate strike march back in September.

Month to month, as is always the case - after my rent, electric, and my phone bill. I always have to self-fund my self defense items, other comrades self defense items (and in the case of the other comrades, often equipping them without the expectation of reimbursement) and after all these equipment expenses, I have very little going to food and we'll basically broke consistently month to month and starving myself consistently if I am not seeking free food sources and connections.

I am relied on by the Portland activist community to show up to a lot of things as well as be among the most relied on for community self defense actions. I am drowning and I am reaching out to you for help. I am expected to do all of this on $831 a month on Social Security disability

Please help, anything and everything helps and it all adds up for me in the end. I live to serve the people and confront the tyrants every damn day.

Cash app:
@ AntifaPrimeMinOfficePDX

If you're gonna loudly argue over the phone in public, at least have the decency to put it on speakerphone so I can join in

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