vore, bellies 

selfie with mask & ec 

Asking For Rent Help, Please Boost 


the date is 4/04



todays date is not found

like the internet error


I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole of youtube vids where people bait scammers in India into allowing access into their call center computers before deleting their files, looking up their ip address, and syskeying their computers before calling em benchodes and laughing as the scammers flip out

Asking For Rent Help, Boosts Appreciated 

Look at this creature! What kind of date would you take him on?

Mostly doing this because I'm bored as hell and I love my fursona okay...

(drawn EC, shirtlessness, and flirtatious energy in the images below)

the only juice worth a damn is Juicy Juice, outta the bigass cans.

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