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Howdy everyone,
Feel free to call me Chris or Crisp.
I am a 19-year-old transman with a fascination for learning different languages. I also like to draw although my skills aren't anywhere near as professional.
I'm new to this website so ignore the stupid shit I do sometimes. I'm just happy to get the chance to hang out with all you.
P.S. I'm up for roleplaying or just chatting so don't be afraid to hit me up.

People not from Texas do not understand the literal gathering worship place that whataburger is.

It's #TaursDay and you are legally required to grow at least two more legs. Already a taur? Too bad, you're extra leggy now.

listen,,,, i dont make the rules,,,

Only thing with having a big hefty gut is the need to have someone to give it the love and rubs it deserves, inside and out and especially in the hard to reach spots.

Hey #MastoAdmin frens with open registrations - make sure you're keeping an eye on new account registrations. There's been a HUGE uptick in bot registrations, and their naming lists are starting to look genuine.

I've seen these accounts suddenly start spamming like crazy and/or doing all sorts of other nefarious things. The IPs are a mix of origins that looks pretty similar to a botnet.

If it's a new account that doesn't post or follow anyone for a couple days, it's probably a bot.

🎢 Dashing thru the snow
See the people run
Before Krampus catches them
And adds them to his tum
Oh Krampus bells, Krampus bells
If you hear them it's too late
Krampus bells, Krampus bells
You're going to get ate! 🎢

It's cold outside so find a warm friendly belly to curl up in tbh :wolftaur: :stomach: πŸ‘Œ

*The Krampusergal yawns widely keeping an eye on those around to see who takes notice.*

Hey, it's the evening now and I am really horny for some self-care

Good afternoon folks ~~ )
Remember to take a nap 🍡 and or drink water πŸ₯₯ 🐳

:drake_dislike: Santa Baby
:drake_like: The Miser Brothers Song

all of my mutuals these last few weeks are like

I made a discord server for Snouts (and snouts-adjacent) pals who wanna play some smash bros together!

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