Another Arcanine Day Pic
Thanatos Did not want to be left out and sees a Tasty Snack Aka YOU!

(Old Com done by @/Ethan648)
Tasya Enjoying Her Arcanine Day So Decides to Grab a Few Snaccs sitting By, Unlucky for them but They should be grateful they're filling her up on this special day

"Happy Arcanine Day Bug"
Looks Tasya Is going to enjoy her day and she is going to start off by stepping on you, Unlucky for you to go outside today

Oh looks Like Tasya Is super Hungry and She happen to see you in Snacking reach

Heads up for artist you can edit what the preview shows for your art so it doesn't do the twitter thing and crop it in a bad way

One of more fav Oc i have Her Name is Tasya Bolshova My Big Arcanine Gal <3 She loves Being proud of her body, ruff 'n tuff to others also seeing Smol Folk as nothing but food but does have a soft for the people she adores.

this is one of my older Ocs meet Gio this Sheep is a total 4 ft gremlin to all others that are taller than him or predators, but that tends to end up with

Meet My new Maned Lioness Shaundi
Yes, she is that big, and yes, she is Hungry, she will happily eat Ya to keep herself in shape or when she is just hungry, but majority of days she Will Happily Train with you to keep in shape Lore wip

Incoming a bunch of Pokemon artwork but let's start with my favorite PLA starter, Samurott!

#art #MastoArt #Illustration #Pokemon #Samurott

Might As well Start Posting Here is one of my New Oc's Lars the Punk Bun
He can and will eat Ya or save Ya for later in his pouch, But He is Super Friendly and won't do anything to Ya mostly take you to parties and concerts Lore is wip

Heya All nice to meet ya , Hope to enjoy my time here and meet new folks,Talk lore, and Ocs :D

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