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How fitting! You can buy a coffee for the Gulp Cafe at ko-fi ☕
Donations go toward covering the server costs :blobcatcoffee:
We're not in any financial trouble, but reducing my out of pocket costs helps me :blobcoffee:
We are graciously hosted by @mastohost

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Another stream ready to go! Playing Crash 2 to 100% Hope you'll like it ^^

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New story up! Vore commission for Boony the Wolf! Contains: Show more

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As a general guide as to what to expect from this account:

There will be a main course of adorable critters and characters that have fascinating abilities and/or personalities.

For dessert there will be world building around Thistleland which will contain all these ideas, stories and artworks.

The seasoning on everything will be and related such as , , , , and more.

There will also be an occasional dash of "JFC, WTF is that?!".

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I got another piece with @Ambassador this time having been eaten by my OC Rafe! You can eat the but dont forget to pay for that !

👨‍🎨 PureAwesome 🎨

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