hey fedi

please CW or tag your politics, no matter how harmless or shitposty

doing so helps protect people with adhd and on the autism spectrum from getting into unhealthy mental health spirals


if you are the kind of person worried about censorship, please take a moment to reflect how the statement above is completely agnostic to every political stance

frankly i could not care less your beleifs, so long as they are not threatening or harmful to me or the people i love i genuinely do not care

I wanted to take a nap but because people don't CW or tag their fucking politics and i have ADD posts i can't rest without taking the time to lay groundwork for people who don't yet understand

@Aetous feel free to report them too. I can either keep a tally to see if there are problem folks, or silence or even block accounts or servers that may be a source of problems 👍

@Aetous I would like that also. I think a lot of them don't realize what they're saying is political or in any way controversial.

There are also things I agree with/support that I don't want to see all the time, without warning.

CW is a big reason I came here.

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