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My dragon is the best dragon in the world.

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also a good time to mention that if you want to follow me you can

i ran out of space in my bio, and I really only use the approval system to keep minors and bad actors out of my lewd posts

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kobold who decides to start wearing glasses for style but there are no spare glasses about so they put on a vr headset, bumbling about with the cable rattling on the floor

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Installing prerequisites to view this post:

Installing Microsoft DirectX Redistributable (Step 1 of 4)...

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@Aetous Nay, the wretched things doth vex me with microtransactions and advertisements.

dost thoust possess entertainment on thine mobile phonograph?

like it's the kind of thing you would only notice if you already knew what was going on

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oh shit idk if i've posted this here but im so fucking proud of it

so i'm making a big ole wall with canvased photos in one of my vrc worlds

photos in general aren't very space efficient

my method has been crunching them all down to 512px, then masking the compression artifacts with a 1k noise texture in the AO slot

(all pictures use the same noise texture)

the noise scrungles the compression artifacts creating a unique pseudo image grain effect leaving only the blur.

vrchat: don't use dynamic lights

me: *does a thing that quite literally requires dynamic lights*

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if you take an extended break from greeting me are you on a 

hi aetous hiatus

okay, theres just casually a 1gb roguelike mod for overgrowth,


(dear dev of the mod, please make that a full blown game now that the engine is open source, you deserve it)

for clarification, no you do not need to keep your install

this is a completely new install because; the hard drive I originally played the game on died a year ago

this singular achievement took the rest of my hard drive's service life to achieve

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food, requested violence 

i need someone to violently smack all caffinated drinks from my hand

even on days without any responsibilities they tend to give me anxiety attacks at the slightest of things

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blatantly stealing the names from well known ips but forcibly shoving the names through multiple thick accents untill they become unrecognisable

enough that the uninformed don't notice but the well informed are fucking livid like me @ jojo names

dear python devs

what the fuck

the dragon downloading a 5 gb vm with it preinstalled instead of installing herself

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