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patreon push 

hey I don't really like pushing it but I feel like I need to do this at least once.

If you like my art and want to throw a couple bucks my way then feel free to subscribe to my patreon!

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Fursona Lore, Plurality, Introductions: Tavia 

Hi, I'm Tavia, I'm the latest pilot member of the creature you know as Aetous System.

I formed and became the pilot a couple months ago. As our system seems to go, all of us are traumagenic, chipped off of a core person, the largest chunk of which is the pilot.

So far I seem to be the most whole we have ever been since before we knew what plurality was.

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My dragon is the best dragon in the world.

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also a good time to mention that if you want to follow me you can

i ran out of space in my bio, and I really only use the approval system to keep minors and bad actors out of my lewd posts

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its a real crying while listening to hopes and dreams on repeat kinda day

And now, for the first time on this instance...
*Opens maw and emits*

i need to look into that godot shell fur addon

its got potential, its just a shame it sucks

i enabled pixel lights and so now everyone looks like they are made of silicone

which is a pluss if you ask me

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ngl, theres just something magical about solid color polygon textured models

youtube link 

so in today's self care session I fucked about and tweaked dolphin emulator a bit

and hohohoholy shit
found some settings that will let me run sonic riders for gamecube in fullscreen native at 60fps

i may or may not have been on the verge of crying :blobfoxcry:

i really wanna learn to make some video game music, rn i'm just fucking around in lmms, anyone have any suggestions?

how to scare a physicist 


storm proof floridian buildings lookin like great value nomai ruins

about the hurricane + 

it feels amazing how many people have reached out worrying about me the hurricane

just to let everyone know: I'll be alright

as of today I'm *way* out of the prediction cone. so far out of it school hasn't been cancelled

if it *does* manage to swing this way:

the campus is on a giant hill so I don't have to worry about storm surge, my dorm building is built to withstand Cat4 winds and there is an emergency storm shelter on campus if I can't evacuate by car

floridians in the outer turbulence zones for hurricanes:

*notices wind* hey this is nice actually


behind you! (gently)


need someone to make me cry happy tears

queen "the show must go on" but its "the number must go up"

algorithms: hello [frequent user of open source game engine] you must really like [open source game engine]. Can I interest you in any [closed source proprietary game engines that haven't recieved updates in 5 years that all cost over $30 just to try?]

me: no


so i opened up my unity project for the avali and everything is way out of date. im greeted with the eyes in this configuration

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