Praising peoples' art is basically saying how valid they are and I love that

Call for help, boosts appreciated 

Inside me are two wolves.

🐺 Breakfast
🐺 Lunch

*brupf* |3

MH Musings (~) 

Weird how Discord bot stuff is like the new iteration of the command-line interface

Alternatively: relishing in the luxuriousness of one's coat after a full-body wash, conditioning, and brushing. Phew.

There are few pleasures in life as simple and pure as relishing in one's smoothness after a shave.

Positive Trans Media Representation? 

Positive Trans Media Representation? 

Positive Trans Media Representation? 

First-world blessings to the reader (+) 


You really shouldn't complain about the cold around deer...

Haha! AE practice. I took a bit of art from an artist who will remain anonymous and broke it down to make this loop of! Super fun.

Looking to do more stuff like this if folks wanna collab!

More After Effects practice! with a lot of help from I figured out how to make project compositions! So I can move whole separately programmed assets as one without breaking them.

I used this to make hypno swirls. seems to like them.

Art by Knaveofclubs

Vulnerability, Optics Ramblings 

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